Asset Classes

Asset Classes

Our Murabaha Contracts are the products we use to provide SME Financing. Our Ijarah Contracts are the products we use to provide Lease Financing and Financing of Production Assets.

SME Financing

The SME financing that we provide is working capital funding for corporate clients as well as cash flow financing for projects under the management of our clients.

In either case, the financing we provide is Shariah Compliant, structured as a Murabaha Contract, with flexible features to support the requirements of our clients.

Our clients are required to provide us with collateral against which we will finance their working capital needs.

Lease Financing

Our lease financing is structured as Ijarah Contracts.  We acquire assets to be leased to our clients over a period up to 5 years. The assets that we acquire include movable and immovable tangible assets that are purchased by Kirnaf and leased to our client.

Production Assets

Production assets are typically immovable assets that are attached to a clients’ production facility.  We would fund plant expansions through the acquisition of Production Assets.